Where Are They Now?

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading my ‘Where are they now’ series in the programme this season. As a fan it’s been really enjoyable talking to players that I have loved watching over the years. Luckily I managed to track down some of my favourite players and Hendon legends. Players I have loved watching such as Alan Campbell, Martin Duffield, Uche Egbe. I must admit to getting a bit too excited when certain players would contact me. My wife would be surprised with my reaction when my phone would go off. “BUT ITS ALAN CAMPBELL!!”

One interview that sticks with me is Dermot Drummy. I spoke to him shortly before he sadly passed away. What a nice man who was about to do some more coaching courses and was trying to get back into football. A proper legend.

There was a few players that I would have loved to interview but couldn’t quite track down. Dave Root, Erskine Smart, Iain Dowie. Would have loved to hear about Dowies brilliant final season with the club. I did manage to speak to Bontcho Guentchev. Not quite enough for a page in the programme though. Although I did find out his favourite Hendon memory was being a goalkeeper!

A lot of the more recent players were very helpful. Kevin Maclaren, Lee O’Leary, Scott Cousins and Elliott Brathwaite to name a few. Elliott sent me this message to pass on:

“I’d just like to say a massive thank you to all the management, players, behind the scenes staff/ volunteers and fans for the support during my time at the club and still now after seeing some friendly faces at the Billericay game. I really appreciate it. Even though around 4 and a half of my 6 years were spent injured, I enjoyed every part of my time there. I wish the club as much success possible in the future!”

It’s great that the players are so helpful when it comes to talking to the Supporters Association. A lot of them still come to games and are still really interested in the club. Having a club legend like Jimmy Quail in the crowd is great to see.

The way we have been playing this season I’m sure we have a few more legends, although hopefully they are here for many more years and will not qualify for a ‘where are they now’ interview!

Paul Sachdev’s piece for the Merstham programme in full.