Help I Need Somebody!

The Supporters Association has helped Hendon Football Club for over 80 years. This has been due to two vital elements – our customers and our volunteers. We can only continue to do so if those elements are present. We have customers who support us. We need volunteers. We need people who can give up time before a game – selling programmes, 50/0 tickets or merchandise. We are struggling. We need your help. If you are able to come to games one hour before kick off then please see a committee member. You won’t miss any of the game. You will be helping us keep the association going. If we do not get some help we may be unable to provide the support the club needs. Please help your club if you can.

2015 AGM

2015 Annual General Meeting

22 July 2015 @ 7.45pm

Silver Jubilee Park Stadium

Plastic is Fantastic

Accepted Here

The Supporters Association is striding into the 21st Century by getting a card machine. So on match days you can march up to the club shop, having left your cash in the bank and purchase a wide range of merchandise using your debit or credit card. No more worrying about gangs of feral youths ready to mug you. Shop safely.

On an unrelated note – we have an abacus for sale.

Losing LBs to Raise £s

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Our first 3 slimmers have done really well. Between the three of them (with two more starting soon) they have lost 25 lbs. One has been slimming for 3 weeks and the other two for 2 weeks. So not a bad start. They have raised £300 of the £1300 (pledged so far) total. On completion that is £1000 for the Association and £300 for Great Ormond Street Hospital. By losing LBs they are raising £s.

With more slimmers we could raise a couple of grand for the club. If you need to lose weight and want support perhaps they can help. Find out more here.

80 Seasons and Counting

80 Season and Counting

The Supporters Association has supported Hendon Football Club for 80 seasons. That is a real achievement and is a testament to the hard work put in by a small bunch of loyal fans who give up an incredible amount of time. The creation of the Trust inadvertently sidelined the Association. However, the organisation continues and carries out the duties it always has.

In celebration of this milestone the Association is undertaking some new initiatives to raise its prominence and increase the support it can provide. Contained within this site you will see various schemes you can get involved with or products you can buy. Please support us in whatever way you can.

Here’s to the next 80 seasons.