The Rules (aims) of the Supporters Association were set out over 80 years ago. During that time the changes have been minor but have not deviated from the original aims it was set up for. One of the main aims specifically towards Hendon Football Club is laid out in rule number 2:

“The objects of the Association are to further the general welfare of the HENDON FOOTBALL CLUB, to promote friendliness and sociability among its supporters, and to help the Parent Body in every way possible without interference with its Management and Committee.”

The remit is quite broad and as such the Association have undertaken a great many tasks during their support, including but not restricted to the following under the above rules:

Providing staff for matchday duties.

Selling matchday programmes.

Managing the tea hut.

Managing the club shop.

Selling merchandise.

Organising travel to away matches.

Raising funds for the club.

Organising closed season events.

Organising social events.

The above duties are a short list of the responsibilities taken on by the Association during their existence. They took over the management of the tea hut in the mid 1980’s as a one off to help the club out. They then volunteered to run it from then on. The tea hut has been run by the Association from the mid 80’s up to the final ‘home’ game at Wembley. That was the last day a Hogeyburger was served.

Rule 2 above is just one of the rules that govern the Association. The full set of Rules can be downloaded here.